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Valuation & Consultancy

Our consultancy activities form, in addition to making valuations, the second pillar of BaseValue. Our recommendations are made based on a combination of factors, such as spatial planning and property, and, in particular, the financial component thereof. BaseValue’s employees have academic backgrounds in civil engineering, the construction industry, and urban development. We help, among others, municipalities make decisions concerning the sales of former governmental buildings as well as sites suitable for (re)development.
Furthermore, we make recommendations to property owners on making hold-sell analyses. We breakdown the consequences of a sale or of holding on to property from different perspectives (financially, business strategy, future developments). The world around us is constantly evolving at an increasing rate. Technological developments but also additional requirements concerning sustainability often have a huge impact on the property strategy and its accompanying policy. Examples of this are major changes to office use and changes in our shopping behaviour. But also, the impact of developments regarding mobility (electric cars, car-sharing, inner-city developments, and so forth) can have far-reaching consequences on the current use of real estate, for example, for car companies.
Our clients include municipalities, financiers and property owners and -users. Issues we often have to deal with are, among others; land policy, determination of land prices or the usage of existing properties. Project studies considering the feasibility of a project from a financial and planning perspective are also regularly a part of our portfolio.

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