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Valuation & Consultancy

We like to provide education and share our expertise. It is an essential component of the services we offer. Therefore, we have written several technical books on real estate valuation and modelling calculation.
In collaboration with Spryg we have set up a course on real estate modelling and we wrote the books on real estate modelling with spreadsheets (Dutch: ‘Vastgoedrekenen met Spreadsheets’) and on investing in real estate, land and property sites (Dutch: ‘Investeren in Vastgoed, grond, en gebieden’).

At the request of book publisher Noordhoff-Uitgevers we wrote the chapter on parking premises for a book on property valuation doctrines (Dutch: ‘Taxatieleer Vastgoed 2’).

We are involved in several educational programmes regarding real estate for several institutions, such as ASRE, Nyenrode, Academy for Real Estate, and the Professional Training for Realtors.

Amongst others we provide tailor-made training programs for banks corporations, and municipalities about real estate modelling, valuations, and spatial planning. But we can also provide specific valuation courses and parking-related courses.

Our people have ample experience as teachers and trainers. Providing content for E-learning environments is also one of our competencies.

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